Company Christmas Cards

Central National Europe purchased 765 custom-made Christmas cards. I designed them according to their corporate identity (colors, logo etc.).

With this money we are able to cover our expenses for much-needed items like printer cartidges, first aid materials, lighting systems, transportation costs etc.



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Crayons Donation

Today, we received a box full of crayons from Brigitte Taschner for the kids in Gambia.


Thank you very much!

We are the Austrian partner of "Stifte stiften" Germany.

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News from Gambia

One of our association members is currently in Gambia in order to take some donations in kind along (medicine, clothing and other materials)  and to push some of our projects:


Our privately financed building project has to be continued.


We have to find a  company for the construction of the tower carrying the solar panels of the water pump.


Principal Momodou Kanyi has also received the construction plans in order to contact possible companies and to discuss everything with the elders, the chief(s)/mayors and the villagers of Wassu. He also got two urgently needed printer cartidges.


At the moment Momodou is recovering from a difficult stomach surgery. He lost 18 kg and is barely recognizable. We hope, he'll get well soon.

We'd also like to thank our sponsor Brussels Airlines for granting a Humanitarian Fare Ticket!

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100 % funded!!!

Today we received a donation of

EUR 1620.00

from a complete stranger, who believes in our project.


Thank you so much, Anita H. from Switzerland!



This means, one maintenance-free solar waterpump is fully funded!


Next steps are getting in touch with the producer of the water pumps, funding the tower structure and tanks, and finding a sponsor for a container.


 I'll keep you in the loop.

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Plant Market for the good Cause

This year we organized a little market selling home-grown, partly exotic plants.










We had various plants from banana, pineapple, ginger to sunchoke, bloody dock, tomatoes etc.


Altogether we raised EUR 222.00!


As you can see on my photos below, the exotic plants such as banana and pineapple can yield fruit in Austria as well.


Just to remind you, what we are collecting donations for:

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