What we collect

Collection of (secondhand) articles

  • (electric) tools: screwdrivers, flat wrenches, pliers, drilling machines (drillers, bits etc.)... also for cars (mechanics)
  •  gardening tools (everything you need for a vegetable field/garden: shovels, rakes etc.)
  • bicycles (also for kids)
  • sewing machines (electric and non-electric/pedal powered) + equipment
  • clean bed clothes
  • hand and bath towels
  • clothing and shoes for kids and adults (undamaged and clean, no winter clothes)
  • soccer-/footballs (+ gear like football shoes in all sizes), sturdy toys
  • dishes (cutlery, "fire proof" pots and pans, plates, [kitchen] knives...)
  • dressing materials
  • TVs, satellite dishes, receivers
  • Smartphones and senior-friendly cell phones + charger, preferably without SIM lock
  • Digital Cameras (and Camcorders), memory cards (SD cards etc.), cables, chargers etc.

  (Everybody likes to take/have pictures of their family and friends, special occations like

  weddings etc., this is only possible, if you have a camera)



For school children

  • colored crayons and pencils
  • English books and games
  • backpacks
  • paint (watercolor), brushes (for art and for painting walls), paint roller etc.
  • laptops/computers (including power cables), preferably with operating system (+ licence key)
  • data projector
  • distribution board (for example - with 4 sockets) and extension lead, travel adapters for AC power plugs "CEE 7/4" (Schuko) to British power sockets = BS 1363.



Please note: only in mint condition, or at least clean, undamaged and still functioning properly