• ALDIS (Austrian Lightning Detection and Information System), DI Dr. Gerhard Diendorfer














  • Forest Stewardship Council ® - FSC ® Deutschland or



  • Depot Lager- & Handels GmbH  free storage space, container loading, material, donations, sponsoring (folder, Christmas cards etc.)


  • Central National Europe 1550 Christmas cards, some mobiles, laptops, computers and hardware, no further mentioning desired






  • Dr. David Penney, University of Manchester, UK






  • E. M. Fletzberger  Major and regular donor of very fashionable clothing and shoes (in mint condition)


  • Zoe F.  clothes + shoes for children, soccerballs


  • Punzet Family clothing for children and support to donation handling of the elementary school in St. Georgen


  • Elfriede Kafka, Heidi Kofler + Team  Major donations of clothing, bed sheets, toys and shoes


  • "Mama Thatcher" for always supporting us :o)



  • Martina Kutscha printer and a variety of cables and plugs plus ideas/contacts etc.


  • Elina Karlsson Printer


  • Ida und Leo Koller


  • Heinrich und Simone Schuster free van and support


  • Caliskan Familie/Family  soccer-/footballs


  • and many others, that don't want to be mentioned here





More information "About the donations and donors".

Acceptance Speech of the Students' Representative

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Some art for all the donors by the students of the Niani Upper and Senior Secondary School

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