Christoph Rombach's visit to Wassu

Christoph Rombach has meanwhile also passed through The Gambia and stopped by at the Niani Schools to visit principal Momodou Kanyi.

See link below.


Some impressions:








 Principal Momodou Kanyi, Christoph Rombach and his travel companions.








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Example of the assembling of a maintenance-free solar waterpump by Pumpmakers

Pumpmakers has recently assembled one of their waterpumps in Ndoki in Cameroon.

This is what it could look like in Wassu, Gambia as well.

Please support us with a donation!


Photos by


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Donations: wheel chairs, equipment for bed-ridden people, clothing, shoes... and a stowaway.

Last weekend we received three wheel chairs and equipment for bed-ridden people from Pauline Ostermuenchner and various clothing + shoes (includig some thick clothing ans shoes for Juma, in case it is possible for him to be treated in Europe) from the Punzet family.


Thank you very much!

While loading the car, we had a little stowaway that boarded, when we were not looking. Fortunately I heard a tiny noise coming from underneath all the things, when I found this young cat getting ready for a nap on a bag.



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Laptop from netit for a handicapped student

Ibrahim Bah had suffered from meningitis when he was 10 years old. The disease affected his eyes and ears. He is still attending a normal school and has always been among the best 5 students in his class.
His commitment should be supported and rewarded.

To faciliate his studying we sent him a second hand laptop sponsored by netit.
And as you can see on the photos, he is already using it at school.
He and his family would like to thank the generous donor.


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Donations in kind from FMS Logistics

We received 2 europallets (22 boxes) briefcases/199 pieces and two cardboard boxes with: worldmaps (rolls), 42 worldmaps (loose), 36 pen sets and 15 model trucks from FMS.


Thank you very much!


(Photos coming soon)

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