Container Update and project news


The container with our donations has finally arrived. After a lap of honour via Las Palmas, Spain. Rumor has it, that there was another ship docking already, that had to be unloaded and there was no capacity for our ship. Whatever the reason was, there was a delay of almost 2 weeks. Now the red tape has to be dealt with and then we should be able to retrieve our parcels.

Animal Care Home Gambia needs their pens and cages very badly, since there had been a recent influx of stray mothers with puppies. They were all in bad conditions and needed medical treatment (flesh fly maggot wounds, that are very dangerous, mango worms, wounds, malnutrion) and a safe environment to decompress and recover.
Unfortunately, some of the puppies have tetanus and die one after the other, as some cruel person had cut off their wee tails before they were being rescued. It is absolutely devastating to watch, as there is almost no chance to save them. Their bodies become rigid, they can not eat, they suffocate, as their chests are cramping, it also leads to heart failure... (photos of these puppies below)

You see, how important that organization's work is for animals, that don't have any help otherwise.

Have a look at their work there:


Dogs' photos by Animal Care Home Gambia



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