Update 12: Construction Site - Catastrophe in Gambia

We were finally able to finish the roof. Originally, there was temporarily not enough and only poor covering material (rusty or just plastic without any proper weather protection). We were able to order something better at short notice and replace the old one, which was converted into a garden fence without further ado.


The family moved in immediately, even though there aren't even any beds inside. Currently, the mother sleeps on a mattress, the children on mats. But they are happy about the privacy and all the space, they are incredibly proud and happy.


Next, windows have to be installed because it gets very hot inside and the temporary corrugated iron shutters have to be closed, especially at night, for security reasons.

A few pieces of furniture, especially beds would be great and maybe an outside toilet, ideally for the neighborhood so that more people can benefit from it.



We have to be careful, because our support has unfortunately also caused a lot of envy.


Although we tried to keep our names and organization anonymous in the neighborhood so that we don't have any problems privately, the info leaked and unfortunately led to some rather unpleasant hostilities.

The family itself - especially the widow - was partly put under pressure to remarry quickly and to sell the house, since one could use the money much better for one's own purposes, etc.


But she has remained steadfast and would like to stay independent and self-determined, of course keep the house and not get married anytime soon, contrary to any traditions.



We don't let that stop us from doing our work either and we still try to help as many people as possible. Some just don't want to understand that we can't help everyone and that this money comes from donations and that we are not millionaires.


But of course the gratitude prevails. Unfortunately, envy can be found anywhere.




We are very grateful for the great support from all sides.




Please consider donating.

Reason: storm victim



IBAN: AT 31 3209 2000 0281 1289





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