"Pumpmakers" supports GAMBIAid

Thank you very much Pumpmakers for supporting GAMBIAid with a donation and adding our project to your homepage: https://pumpmakers.com/de/

This company is producing the maintenance free solar water pumps we're currently trying to raise the funds for - for the water supply of Wassu, Gambia.


>>Based on the latest technology as well as a sustainable and patented concept, Dietmar Stuck, an experienced Austrian well-builder, founder & CEO of Pumpmakers, developed the world’s first DIY Solar Pump in 2010 together with a team of engineers and constructors.

His goal is clear: “Pumpmakers aims at providing millions of people all over the world with access to safe, clean drinking water - and work. Our DIY concept offers a unique opportunity to all those wanting to start their own business. More importantly, it fosters self-sufficiency as it provide s people with the water they need for farming, for their livestock, and for growing their own crops, vegetables and fruit.

Our concepts therefore helps reduce worldwide water shortages and poverty.”<<


Watch the video below to learn how these pumps are making a difference!


Please support our project with a donation as well by clicking on one of the donation links to the right.



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