The Sphygmomanometer-Story

Let me share a story, about how a donation can improve lives.

 We bought simple sphygmomanometers (device for measuring the blood pressure) and took them to Gambia. One family in Bansang received one of them.

I heard, that meanwhile every morning the elderly people are queuing up in their frontyard to have their blood pressure measured.

They are little professionals already, coming early morning before breakfast, relaxing 15-20 minutes, so they can measure the resting heart rate, not saying a word and not moving, recording the results and adjusting their habits accordingly. They say, it really helps them to stay healthier, to have a general idea of the state of ther blood pressure and to keep track of it at no charge. In case they register health problems, they can immediately consult a doctor. They appreciate this device a lot.




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