Donations for Bansang

We took clothes, shoes, footballs, stuffed animals, solar powered lamps, cooking pots and other kitchenware, first aid materials, toys, school materials etc. to Bansang. As you can see, the children were "over-enjoying" [commonly used expression in The Gambia :o)] their toys. Videos can be found here.

inspecting the donation boxes
IKEA stuffed animals
happy with their new IKEA stuffed animals
proud new owners of IKEA stuffed animals
inspecting some of the donations
some new clothes and IKEA stuffed animals
new clothes and IKEA stuffed dog
IKEA stuffed animals and some of new clothes
IKEA stuffed animal and new clothes
new clothing
how to tie an IKEA stuffed deer around the waist
IKEA doll and new clothes
playing with the TNT compendium of games
on the way to Bansang

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